HRB(Human Residential Bifidobacteria) and nHRB

Bifidobacterium is a genus of bacteria that includes various species, and about 50 bifidobacterial taxa have currently been identified.
The composition of the bifidobacterial species living in the intestines of humans and others differs.
About 10 species have been identified to live in human intestines. The composition of bifidobacteria is different from one person to another.
The bifidobacterial species living in human intestines are rarely found in the guts of animals, and those living in animals are not thought to live in the human intestine.
Human bifidobacteria and animal bifidobacteria are thought to have different preferences for the environments they live in.

Main Bifidobacterium species and habitats The bifidobacterial strains that have adapted to live in humans are beneficial to humans.

Understanding that babies get along best with the bifidobacterial strains that have adapted to live in babies, and likewise for the strains living in adult humans and animals, Morinaga applies bifidobacterial strains in products tailored to the needs of these specific users.

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